By Italian Staff 2017.06.23

Dear Bloggers,happy01

today I would like to introduce The Tarot Garden, an artistic park located in Capalbio (Grosseto) in Tuscany, created by the Franco-US artist Niki de Saint Phalle and populated with statues inspired by the figures of the greatest enigma of the tarot.
Following the inspiration she had during the visit to Antoni Gaudí “Parque Guell” in Barcelona, then reinforced by the visit to the garden of Bomarzo, Niki de Saint Phalle began the construction of the Tarot Garden in 1979.

Identifying in the Garden the magical and spiritual dream of her life, Niki de Saint Phalle devoted herself to the construction of twenty-two impressive steel figures covered with glass, mirrors and colored ceramics for more than 17 years, alongside several skilled workers and a team of famous names of contemporary art.

At the entrance there is the pavilion featuring a thick wall with a single large circular opening in the center, that clearly divides the Garden from everyday reality.

Completed only in the summer of 1996, the Tarot Garden was opened to the public two years later.
The sculptures are inspired by the greatest misteries of Tarot, full of symbolic and esoteric meanings. All the sculptures are polymateric and the recurring theme are the so-called "Nanas", huge, sinuous feminine figures, accessible and habitable.

In the intense and lively colors, the bursting, explosive sculptures of the Tarot Garden take the attention and the emotions of the spectator. There is a strong appeal to Bomarzo garden and the Guell Park, with the presence of the maternal and powerful Feminine, loaded with a  symbolic complexity.

Once you enter, you will arrive to the large central square occupied by a bathtub and overlaid by the united figures of the “Papacy and the Magician”. The circular pool in which the water is collected by a waterfall from the stairs coming out from the enormous open mouth of the Papacy (like the Orc in Bomarzo and connected with the water games of Villa d'Este) is marked in the center by the “Wheel Of Fortune”, a mechanical sculpture.

The streets that depart from the square go through different itineraries that follow the sinuosity of the land, ascending or descending along the ridge. The streets also play a key role in the work: the artist has indelibly recorded notes on them her thoughts, memories, numbers, quotes, drawings, messages of hope and faith.

On the right shoulder, the small stairway rising from the square passes under the figure of the “Sun”, embedded in the great white, red and yellow fire bird, perched on a large blue arch, in which it is evident the recall of the iconography of the Indians of America.

Immediately after the Sun, here there is the “Pope”.

Another statue is that of the “Tree of Life”, crowned with the heads of snakes and covered, like a mural, with inscriptions and drawings. It carries the figure of the “Hanged Man”, which, from its inverted point of view, suggests another way of looking at the reality of things.

On the right side there is the figure of “Justice” with its contrast between black and white, and the balance on the big breasts. A gate enclosed by a huge lock, occupied by a mecaniqués depicting the “Injustice”, bars the inner space.

Another figure is that of the “Emperor's Castle”. In the center of the courtyard, enclosed by a swaying, polymateric loggia, there is a circular bathtub in which four happy, colorful “nanas” bathe and splash water jets.


Previously closed to the public there is also the most representative and important sculpture of the complex, the "Empress-Sphinx" in which Niki de Saint Phalle lived during her works. Inside there is a space without any corner, used as a living room with the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and the central space furnished as a study room, all made up of the thousands of fragments of Venetian mirrors that lined the walls.



Molded on the outside, there is a staircase which leads to a terrace and concavity.

Another statue is that of the“Moon”, a skinny sculpture supported by the red crab set in the middle of a lower floor.

There is also the small “dome-chapel” of mirrors and cement overlaid by the figure of “Temperance”: the igloo is lined in mirrors and ceramic formwork in the form of flowers, and is located around a small altar with a Black Madonna, who watches on the photographs of missing friends.



Near the chapel, there are two seats shaped like animals and used as moments of rest, contemplation and meditation.

If you have time go and visit to this garden. There are may other statues I didn't mention today. It is a very original work, two steps from Rome!sign03


Guenda lovely

Address: Loc. Garavicchio, 58011 Capalbio Grosseto

Tel. 0564 895122


Opening dates: from April 1 to October 15, from 14:30 to 19:30

Ticket Prices: Adult €12.00 - Student (with ID) and Over 65 €7.00 - Under 7 and disabled Free

By Italian Staff 2017.06.22

Dear bloggers,

today i would like to talk about another amazing restaurant in Rome!

Last week a friend proposed me to go eat at one cinese restaurant near the Pantheon.

I accepted without asking questions so, when i arrived, i was not informed about the place. confident

I discover on the spot, with great surprise, that it was a restaurant with one Michelin star! coldsweats01


The name of the restaurant is Green T.!



I know that  maybe the idea of eat chinese food in Rome for a tourist it’s a little bit weird but, if you are tired to eat Italian food every day, please give a chance at GreenT., you will not regret!

Anyway… from this experience i  understood that maybe I had never really eat Chinese food until now! delicious

The food is yummy and fresh, the location very cute and quiet and service is amazing. heart02











In conclusion i would say that this place is really excellent and worth the cost!

Address:  Via del Piè di Marmo, 28, 00186 Roma

Thank you very much and see you soon!

Monica clover

By Italian Staff 2017.05.23

Dear Bloggers,sunclover

today I will talk about Bu.Co (from Burger & Cocktails), a new restaurant inspired by the American style of good drink and good food, which has just opened near Udine, in the Region of Friuli Venezia

If you decide to visit the north east of Italy, with its beautiful mountains, lakes, and small authentic villages, in addition to fascinating cities like Udine and Trieste, I recommend you take a leap here.goodrun

This restaurant-pub is very nice and well designed, despite it is located in a shopping center. moneybagWithout being fooled by the place, not suitable for a local so cute and alternative, if you are over there, try to get in and to immerse yourself in an American world, but with all of the ingredients of the Made in Italy.lovely

It is the only area of the entire complex to have also its own external entrance, independent from the same mall.

It is a high quality pub furnished with a U.S. style and which presents extensive use of decorative elements made of wood and motorcycle recalls. bicycle


The environment is clean and decorous. Inside it you can breathe, in fact, the great passion of the "family" of Bu.Co: there are helmets, vintage photographs dedicated to the world of "bikers" and an entire wall is hung with eight shiny Harley Davidson tanks.catface



In addition, the paper placemats were created with the original drawings of old patents: to collect or to be colored by children with crayons provided by Bu.Co.eye art

It is a local with a great design, lit at the right point, with soft lightings. In addition, the background music is fantastic: it accompanies the meal and does not invade and creates an intimate and relaxing space.notes

The most popular dish is definitely the meat, well cooked and presented. However, there are also alternatives for vegans and vegetarians.noodlebreadwine

The Bu.Co menu celebrates classic American food and the BBQ cooking (barbecue) with a touch of Made in Italy products from the Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The menu is tempting and has a good quality of products.
There are hamburgers, sandwiches, bagels, salads, desserts, along with vegan proposals, gluten free ingredients and the children's menu.

The food is very good and just the inclusion of “bagel” is something original not to be missed; the proposed beer worthily accompanies the food, the cocktails are delicious. Desserts are clearly inspired by American taste, as the pub itself.heart02shine

More appealing is the impression given by all the management and the staff: they are very helpful and detailed in explaining the dishes and their ingredients all made in Italy.
The young staff is very attentive to your needs; it is very friendly and attentive. The service is quick; they are keen to customers.happy01


We took a grilled toast: it was with a grilled bread, with ham and cheddar cheese, accompanied by the excellent french fries;

and a bagel: made up of a sliced chicken with BBQ cooking, bacon from Sauris (a famous village in Friuli), dried tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise.



Bu.Co is a space to enjoy each moment of the day, a space for everyone.
It is researched, but casual at the same time, intense and relaxed at the same time. You can stand on the stools of the American bar drinking a cocktail or a cold beer, sitting at the table for a delicious moment, in the comfortable lounges in front of the stage or, outside, in the large outdoor terrace.barwine


Thank you for reading,ribbon

Guenda tuliptuliptulip


Address: via Antonio Bardelli 4, Torreano di Martignacco, Udine

Opening hours: from Sunday to Thursday 12:00 – 01:00; Friday and Saturday 12.00 – 02.00

Telephone number: +39 0432 1698128



H.I.S. イタリア支店





AM 09:00 スペイン広場
AM 09:50 移動 (徒歩30分)
AM 10:00 トレヴィの泉
AM 11:00 移動 (徒歩30分)
PM 12:00 パンテオン
PM 13:00 ナヴォーナ広場
PM 14:30 移動 (地下鉄30分)
PM 15:00 コロッセオ