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After more than 10 years of work, in Rome, the Rinascente, a new department store, was finally inaugurated on the 12th of October in via del Tritone, close enough to our HIS office in Rome. In here you can find the most famous Italian and international brands such as Gucci, Prada, Furla, Louis Vuitton, and so on.lovelyshine

Inside there is also an important archaeological site that can be visited free of charge.good

The inauguration of the Store comes more than 150 years after that of the first Rinascente store in Milan, whose name was coined by Gabriele D'Annunzio in 1917.
Rinascente opened a space dedicated to the great apparel, designer, jewelery labels and cosmetics. It is the second flagship store of Rinascente in the capital after that of piazza Fiume, but the new warehouse is one of the largest ever realized, with a surface area of ​​15 thousand square meters.sign03

Rinascente store is located in a building that has been undergoing a complex renovation work over the last eleven years. The result is in perfect harmony with the context that hosts it. They have valued the historical-cultural richness of the whole space.happy01
The work fully exploits the image of Rome, and it boasts a visitable archeological site on the basement, which brings to light one of the treasures of Ancient Rome: the Virgin Aqueduct inaugurated by emperor Augusto in the 19th century. A fourth-century domus, mosaics, spas and a stretch of Salaria Street, were also found and preserved.


The Virgin Aqueduct, which also supplies Trevi Fountain, features the entire exhibition space: this space, called the “Exhibition Area”, will host a palette of cultural events.



In addition to the archaeological site, the store also incorporates a small early 20th century building called “Palazzetto”, which, on several floors, becomes an integral part of the architecture.
Another distinctive element is the cavernous that crosses all the floors in height, allowing the light to spread. The facade on Via del Tritone, redesigned by Vincent Van Duysen, includes 96 windows and 7 showcases and it is a tribute to the squared Colosseum of the Eur: today in the showcases you can see the hyperrealist sculpture mannequins made by Francesca Romana Di Nunzio.

Each floor of Rinascente store is devoted to a specific product sector. The climb to the highest floors is underlined by the scenic escalator that winds into the full height cave, spreading light everywhere. On the ground floor there are designer items, luxury accessories, jewelery and watches, while on the first floor there is perfumery and lingerie.t-shirtdenimringrougemoneybag
Second and third floor are dedicated to male collections. Fourth and fifth are for women's collections.
On the sixth floor there are two terraces, dedicated to food delicacies and dining proposals, giving you breathtaking and 360 degrees views on the Eternal City. winecafebarrestaurantsun



This climb culminates with the MadeITerraneo restaurant of the starred chef Riccardo Di Giacinto and with Temakinho, a fusion brazilian-japanese


For lovers of luxury and high fashion, I recommend a visit to this wonderful department store! Immerse yourself in a day of shopping in the Roman capital.heart04

Via del Tritone 61 and Via dei due macelli 23, Roma

Telephone number: +39 06 879161

Opening hours:
09:30-23:00 (all days)

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By Italian Staff 2017.09.23

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today I would like to talk about a place close to my heart because it is situated near my birthplace. That’s the Lussari Mountain (1.790 meters above sea level)!cloudsun It is also called Svete Višarje, "The holy heights", in Slovenian languange, "La Mont Sante di Lussari" in Friulian language and "Luschariberg" in German.
It is a mountain of the Julian Alps and is located in the municipality of Tarvisio, in the province of Udine.
It is not one of the greatest peaks of the Julian Alps but its fame is mainly due to the monastery built in the 16th century, on the top of the mountain.


The first chapel, of which no more remains, was built in 1360 in the place where, according to tradition, a shepherd lost his sheeps aries and found them bent on their knees around a mugo bush. He realized that in the middle of the bush there was a small statue of Mother Mary and Jesus.shine


The church dates back to 1500 and 1600. Over the centuries it has suffered some damages: in 1807 it was struck by a lightning strike and in 1915 it was bombarded, but it was always reconstructed. In the year 2000, at the Jubilee, the church was completely restored and renovated.

The church is also called "of the three peoples": it has been frequented as a place of prayer since the sixteenth century, and is today a destination for pilgrimages of faithful from Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

From its summit you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Tarvisian basin and the surrounding hills.


The Lussari is also famous because it is a ski resort, accessible by the cable car that takes the skiers, from December to April, to try out the various ski slopes that rise on the hillsides of the mountain. skiski
These are tracks that, in addition to being the scene of numerous skiing competitions for the European Cup, have even hosted the Women's World Women's Cup in 2007, 2009 and 2011.snowboard

Therefore the place is nice to see both in the beautiful season, looking for relaxation and contemplation, and even during the winter time to practice winter sports and enjoy the snow.catface


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By Italian Staff 2017.08.24

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Do you like to play chess? Yes? Good! goodSo what do you think about coming to see a chess game where the pieces consisting of real people and the square board is the whole square of a small town?shine
All this is really possible and it is located in the Veneto region, in Marostica, a small town in the province of Vicenza.suncloudbudrvcar

It is world-renowned for the chess game that takes place every 2 years, in the second weekend of September, with live characters in the town square.runhorserunhorserun
It is a tradition launched in 1923 and is inspired by an event of 1454, although it is not There are historical evidence. For this historic event the Vicenza town is also nicknamed "the town of the chess".sign03


It is probably the most famous chess game in Italy, although almost nobody knows who wins it. Perhaps because the chessboard is important, on the central square of the castle, and even more important are the human pieces, appearing in Renaissance costumes, called to recall a chess game that in the fifteenth century aroused the onset of a war.happy01


At that time, Marostica was an ally of Venice. Two knights fell in love both with the daughter of the governor of Marostica, and for her they defied duel. The governor, who did not want to embezzle any of the two, decided that he would give the daughter to the one who had won a chess match held with living pieces in the square. The defeated knight would become anyway the governor’s relative by marrying the younger sister of the girl.ring

Nowadays, in memory of this event, the game is re-launched every two years. Not being able to reproduce the lost original moves of the two contenders, they decide to play with the classic moves of the chess. The pieces are the king, the queen, the rooks, the bishops, the knights and the pawns.crownhorse

During the three-day event, there are about six hundred engaged players: ladies and knights who, together with the characters of the board, and booths, dancers, jugglers, firefighters, musicians and comedians, give birth to a spectacular show.


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Associazione Pro Marostica
Tel. +39 0424 72127


H.I.S. イタリア支店





AM 09:00 スペイン広場
AM 09:50 移動 (徒歩30分)
AM 10:00 トレヴィの泉
AM 11:00 移動 (徒歩30分)
PM 12:00 パンテオン
PM 13:00 ナヴォーナ広場
PM 14:30 移動 (地下鉄30分)
PM 15:00 コロッセオ