By Italian Staff 2017.05.23

Dear Bloggers,sunclover

today I will talk about Bu.Co (from Burger & Cocktails), a new restaurant inspired by the American style of good drink and good food, which has just opened near Udine, in the Region of Friuli Venezia

If you decide to visit the north east of Italy, with its beautiful mountains, lakes, and small authentic villages, in addition to fascinating cities like Udine and Trieste, I recommend you take a leap here.goodrun

This restaurant-pub is very nice and well designed, despite it is located in a shopping center. moneybagWithout being fooled by the place, not suitable for a local so cute and alternative, if you are over there, try to get in and to immerse yourself in an American world, but with all of the ingredients of the Made in Italy.lovely

It is the only area of the entire complex to have also its own external entrance, independent from the same mall.

It is a high quality pub furnished with a U.S. style and which presents extensive use of decorative elements made of wood and motorcycle recalls. bicycle


The environment is clean and decorous. Inside it you can breathe, in fact, the great passion of the "family" of Bu.Co: there are helmets, vintage photographs dedicated to the world of "bikers" and an entire wall is hung with eight shiny Harley Davidson tanks.catface



In addition, the paper placemats were created with the original drawings of old patents: to collect or to be colored by children with crayons provided by Bu.Co.eye art

It is a local with a great design, lit at the right point, with soft lightings. In addition, the background music is fantastic: it accompanies the meal and does not invade and creates an intimate and relaxing space.notes

The most popular dish is definitely the meat, well cooked and presented. However, there are also alternatives for vegans and vegetarians.noodlebreadwine

The Bu.Co menu celebrates classic American food and the BBQ cooking (barbecue) with a touch of Made in Italy products from the Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The menu is tempting and has a good quality of products.
There are hamburgers, sandwiches, bagels, salads, desserts, along with vegan proposals, gluten free ingredients and the children's menu.

The food is very good and just the inclusion of “bagel” is something original not to be missed; the proposed beer worthily accompanies the food, the cocktails are delicious. Desserts are clearly inspired by American taste, as the pub itself.heart02shine

More appealing is the impression given by all the management and the staff: they are very helpful and detailed in explaining the dishes and their ingredients all made in Italy.
The young staff is very attentive to your needs; it is very friendly and attentive. The service is quick; they are keen to customers.happy01


We took a grilled toast: it was with a grilled bread, with ham and cheddar cheese, accompanied by the excellent french fries;

and a bagel: made up of a sliced chicken with BBQ cooking, bacon from Sauris (a famous village in Friuli), dried tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise.



Bu.Co is a space to enjoy each moment of the day, a space for everyone.
It is researched, but casual at the same time, intense and relaxed at the same time. You can stand on the stools of the American bar drinking a cocktail or a cold beer, sitting at the table for a delicious moment, in the comfortable lounges in front of the stage or, outside, in the large outdoor terrace.barwine


Thank you for reading,ribbon

Guenda tuliptuliptulip


Address: via Antonio Bardelli 4, Torreano di Martignacco, Udine

Opening hours: from Sunday to Thursday 12:00 – 01:00; Friday and Saturday 12.00 – 02.00

Telephone number: +39 0432 1698128



By Italian Staff 2017.04.22

Dear bloggers,

today i would like to talk about an amazing experience that i did a few weeks ago! shine

I warn you that it takes a lot of courage to do this thing… i’m speaking about “the flight of the angel”dash

It’s not a common flight… this is the longest zipline of the world and it’s located Rocca Massima, in province of Latina (aprox 1.30h from Rome).

You can choose to do the single flight or the couple flight… it depends also on the weight!

For single flight: min. weight 30kg – max. weight 150 kg

For couple flight: min. weight 30kg – max. weight 150 kg (maximum weight difference between the two persons: 30 kg)

I personally chose the flight in couple because i didn’t have courage to do this alone! happy02

I have to admit that at the beginning it's very scary shock… but… along the way is exciting, you can enjoy a great view and you have literally the feeling of flying! airplaneheart

It takes about 90 seconds and the maximum speed it’s 160km/hsign03

Finally, for the bravest, i very recommend this amazing experience! scissors




Thank you very much and see you soon!

Monica clover

By Italian Staff 2017.04.15

Dear bloggers,

I have good news! goodhappy01 We are waiting for the official opening of the section that will connect the Metro line A to the line C, probably in autumn 2017. subwayBut, in the meanwhile, on the 1st of April 2017, there was an open-day where we could have a previeweye of the new and stunning space of the San Giovanni station!lovely


To photograph the archaeological finds of the excavations, there were even two very long lines.



On this day we had the opportunity to see the archaeological remains found during the construction and displayed behind glass windows and display cases. camera


On Saturday in fact, for a few hours, the curious citizens were able to walk around, inside the new station-museum, and enjoy this beautiful space taking some pictures.searcheyecamera



Many people present themselves in the station, including families, children, the elderly and the local residents, for visiting this metro station that looks like a museum in all

The station of the metro line C is made up of three floors, each corresponding to different historical era, and it is dotted with vases, dishes and pottery, pieces of statues, jewelry and many other curiosities.




Since it took so many years to build this stop, the citizens and also the tourists attended the event as if it was a real happening! Besides the fact that it is the first underground station in the city of Rome to have been built with the museum imprint.

Well yes, the day the San Giovanni Metro Station Line C opened its doors, the citizenship response was incrediblesign03


We are very proud of this work!confident Have a great future trip across Rome through its history!footfoot


Thanks for your attention,



H.I.S. イタリア支店





AM 09:00 スペイン広場
AM 09:50 移動 (徒歩30分)
AM 10:00 トレヴィの泉
AM 11:00 移動 (徒歩30分)
PM 12:00 パンテオン
PM 13:00 ナヴォーナ広場
PM 14:30 移動 (地下鉄30分)
PM 15:00 コロッセオ