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It is Christmas time xmashappy01 and during this period you cannot do without thinking about the Christmas tree, the decorations, the dinners and lunches in the family, the lights that decorate the cities and give them moments of charm and magic to the lives of people. It is also and above all a tradition to go to Christmas Mass, or to attend the Churches.

About Churches, today I want to talk about the Church of Sant'Andrea, which is quite close to Piazza Barberini, on a side street.


Benedict XV defined this church, uniquely shaped by the architect Borromini and enriched by two Bernini angels, as the "Roman Lourdes" because on January 20 of 174 years ago, they told that, exactly in here, the Virgin appeared.


Lifting our eyes to the small portion of the sky that opens on the narrow street where it stands, the first thing to notice is the splendid bell tower made by Borromini. One curiosity is that, when the bells ring, the bell tower oscillates so much to be nicknamed by the romans “dancer”. Next to it, there is another creation of the artist's inexhaustible imagination: the dome, which externally appears not with the usual circular shape, but with that of a tower with wavy walls.

The church is very old, but its date of foundation is unknown. It was named “S. Andrea de Hortis” for its position at the foot of the Pincio hill, the hill of the gardens. And the name it still preserves, stems from the fact that this area, at that time, was totally uninhabited and cluttered with hedgehogs.

It is internally a Latin cross with a single nave with barrel vaults and flanked by 4 pairs of arc chapels.

Decorating the Church’s interior, as a precious ornament, we can admire the marble angels carved by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
They were created to decorate St. Angelo Bridge: the Angel with the cartouche on the right



and The Angel with the crown of thorns on the left.



The beauty of these works pushed the pope of the time, Clement IX (1667 - 1669), to choose to guard them in a place that would shelter them from the weather. In 1729 the grandson of the great architect and sculptor gave them to the church.

Another precious jewel of this church is the third chapel on the left, dedicated in 1842 to the “Madonna del Miracolo” (Madonna of the Miracle) following the prodigious appearance of St. Mary to the Jew Alfonso Ratisbonne.
It is a silent appearance this, St. Mary leaves no message, but makes an eloquent gesture: Alfonso sees the index finger of the Madonna indicating his kneeling. The overwhelming testimony of Ratisbonne ends with a phrase that, for the rest of his life, he loved to repeat: “Elle me tell me, mais j'ai tout compris” (“She did not tell me anything, but I understood everything”).

Via di Capo le Case, 00187 Roma, Italia

Opening hours:
It is open from 6:30 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00


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By Italian Staff 2017.11.27

The Garden of Oranges, also known as Parco Savello, high up on Aventine Hill,overlooking the Tiber.
This is one of those places that only Rome can offer and make you feel to be in the eternal city.The orange trees were planted in homage to St. Domenic who founded his monastery here. It seems like a fairy tale garden!shine


This is one of the most romantic and peaceful place that offers a very beautiful view of the city,in addition to Pincio and the Gianicolo.
There is often someone who plays guitar or other musical instruments, very evocative atmosphere!
I love going there at the sunset, the sky become a painting!heart04



If you going out from there, in Cavalieri di Malta Square, you will find a large door with a small hole and if you put your eye in that hole you will see St. Peter’s dome at the end of a tunnel of plants.
In no other place in the world, you can see something like that!


Piazza Pietro d'Illiria
From October to February  7.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
March and September 7.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
From April to August  7.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Bus 81, 160, 628, 23, 30,44,280, 130,170, 716, 781 

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By Italian Staff 2017.11.24

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near Rome, enclosed in the Maccarese countryside, the San Giorgio of Maccarese castle, originally built on the former Casetta Mattei, dates back to 1700. Over the centuries, it has belonged to several noble families: Alberteschi, Anguillara, Mattei, Pallavicini and

Owned by the Benetton Group, it is a prestigious site, enriched by a Church linked to the castle by Italian Gardens.



Of absolute importance there is the spacious spiral staircase, allowing access to the inside, the music hall, the tower, the garden on whose background stands the little church of the Sisters, which remains untouched in its contours in its original configuration, the entrance hall, internal stairs, all revived by paintings, commemorative tables and marble vestiges.shine


Entering the Castle, the Hall of Music is the first environment you will meet. In fact, the hall, known in the past as the Landscape Gallery, is decorated by a series of 23 tempered painted canvases with hunting

The series consists of 9 overlapping ovals with Maccarese views, 10 paintings with bucolic pasture or horse track scenes, and finally 4 larger canvases than hunting scenes.


Continuing the tour there is the Presidential Hall, in the northwestern area of the noble floor, which is now destined for the celebration of civil marriages.ring

The room that once housed portraits and effigies of religious character finds its basic element in the small private chapel, entirely decorated with frescoes on architectural scores, featuring a marble altar and a golden and damask red canopy of purple red silk. Originally, it featured a small altarpiece depicting Saint George killing the Dragon.


By climbing the helix scale towards the noble floor, you will enter the Room of the Coat, on which stands the large coat of arms painted to celebrate the glory of the house.crowneye



It is surmounted by the crown of the Rospigliosi princes and is supported by two winged victories: one celebrates the magnitude of the house in the act of playing the trumpet, the other indicates the coat of arms looking directly at the spectator, as indicating the belonging to the palace in which has just entered the princely family.

The Italian garden, with in the center a beautiful circular fountain from which an ordered system of meadows marked by Mediterranean essences disentangle, is rich in large palm trees and various species of ornamental plants.clovertulipmaplebud


In the vicinity of the garden it extends a small pine forest made up of over 50 marine pines, which shadows in this remote corner of the park and ends with an ancient portal where once there was a racecourse.

Such a fascinating reality constitutes the ideal environment for congresses, weddings, events, meetings and conventions, to be organized, in addition to the indoor halls (capacity up to 250 people), also in the large outdoor garden (capacity about 800 people).runrun


I also visited Maccarese Farm, born in the 1930s, purchased and restructured in 1998 by the Benetton Group.
Currently the company consists of 3.200 hectares flat and, for its size, it is the first place in Italy. The crops cultivated on the farm are arable ones, fodder and vegetables.
It houses the largest domestic dairy cattle breeding (3,300 heads) and meat veals.

Its location is absolutely strategic: 5 minutes from the exit of the highway, direction Civitavecchia (exit Fregene/Maccarese); about 10 minutes from the Aurelia crossroads direction Fregene/Maccarese, only 20 km from Rome and 15 minutes from the International Airport Leonardo da Vinci in Fiumicino.airplanervcar

Viale Maria, 1 - 00057 Località Maccarese - Fiumicino – Roma


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