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As many of you Star Wars fans out there know, it was recently "May the Fourth." To celebrate I went to the Void out in Santa Monica to experience the Star Wars Secrets of the Empire virtual reality on that date!


The Void is located in Santa Monica, in the famous Third Street Promenade shopping strip next to Chipotle. You can purchase tickets in store, but there is only a limited amount so it's recommended that you reserve your tickets beforehand online. For two tickets, it cost me approximately $75 with tax and a booking fee. There are numerous locations all throughout, so make sure you book your tickets for the right location! For those visiting Disneyland, there is also a location in Downtown Disney, so you can also book your tickets for there as well.


Once inside the place, groups are paired in fours, so if you have more in your group you may be broken up, and if you have less, you will be paired with another group. You get suited up in your virtual reality gear. This place uses full body technology so you need to wear a backpack suit in addition to your headgear. As the equipment is somewhat heavy, this experience isn't really recommended for kids under 10 years old. Also people must be over 48 inches (1.20m) tall to visit for safety reasons.


After you're suited up you're all ready to start. I didn't know what to expect because I've never tried virtual reality, but whoa. It was pretty intense and it really felt like you were transported into an alternate reality. With your goggles on, you see the world as if you were in Star Wars. The people in your group are transformed into Stormtroopers and you really cannot tell who is who!

This is what I looked like through the virtual reality goggles:Img_5955_2

In the virtual world, you have to defeat the real Stormtroopers and complete your mission. All in all it was a lot of fun, and although the experience was a little short for the price, it was an experience unlike anything I've ever tried. After I was all done, I was actually sweating a little bit...partially because the equipment was a little bit warm. I would definitely come here to do it again, and try out the other realities. Maybe the horror one!bleah



The Void








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